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Every event is an opportunity for us to bring joy and 

laughter to others

Balloon Sculpting

Are you looking for a balloon artist to create fun, customized balloon sculptures for the kids and young-at-heart adults? Great news! You are about to engage the happiest and fun-loving balloon artist who will spread all her enthusiasm in entertaining your guests with her creative balloon sculptures! Balloons are one of the must-have in parties/celebrations. Check out how our balloon artists transform the long modelling balloons into 3D sculptures that look almost alive! It is all unlimited and customized within the service period. Best of all, kids get to choose their desired designs and favourite colours! It will surely make them feel special!

Something special about is that there is NO additional charge for premium level balloon sculpting.
Basic balloon sculpting (eg: flower,sword)
- 35-40 sculptures in 1 hour
Premium level balloon sculpting(eg:princess,car)
- 15-18 sculptures in 1 hour
Promo price: $135/h
(u.p $180/h)

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