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Ever wanted to bring smiles and laughter to your close ones but....


run out of ideas

run out time for planning





is the answer for you!!




We are a group of young enthusiastic people based in Singapore. B-Happytots will be honored to serve you for any, ranging from small to large scale events. And we promise to deliver only the best quality and affordable entertainment services.


Magic show?Balloon sculpting? Face painting? Tattoo? Photobooth? You may be wondering that all these are too young and too fanciful for adult? Absolutely not!! Living in this stressful era, adults do need to take time and relax. . There has been increasing trend for company to incorporate entertainment services as part of the welfare for their D&D, Cohesion day, Family Bonding Day and even their anniversaries!


Birthday parties, Children's day, School anniversary, Education/Learning centers planning events for children and any other occasions that is worth celebrating will definitely be a part of us! To even extend our services, we will be more than willingly to surprise your kids at their child-care centers and kindergarten. Bored of just receiving the end products for balloon sculpting? We do conduct lessons for children to learn basic balloon sculpturing!





3 simple reasons...


Firstly, "when you are happy, we are happy too"


Able to bring joy and fun in exchange for a wide smile on you will be the greatest satisfaction for us! Yes, we just love how you smile and laugh! 



Secondly, "just when you need us, we will be there"


We are specially trained in the different areas and have all the expertise that you need for an event. As you see from our banner - your one stop entertainment. So why trouble yourself when you can believe in         B-Happytots to plan everything for you? 



Thirdly, "we don't want to disappoint you"


Customer satisfaction has always been our topmost priority. Please be assured that we provide high quality services at affordable prices. We want you to be worry-free and enjoy the event that you have wholeheartedly planned.


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