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laughter to others

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Photography / Photo Booth

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Professional Photography

Having been to an event and have to trouble others to take a picture for you? Solve this problem by engaging our professional photographer! Our photographers are very experienced in all kinds of events, ranging from private birthday parties to corporate events. Candid shots are always the best pictures as it captures your most natural side! Besides all these, you can save the trouble of keeping yourself busy and to move around with a camera. Our photographers will do the job for you. Photos will be edited to ensure the best ones are sent for your keepsake.


Price: $150/h ONLY! 

Instant Print Photo Booth

While the professional event photographer take pictures of your ongoing event on the move,  the instant photo booth is where the the photographer will be stationed at a booth with nicely designed backdrop and appropriate props. After which, your pictures will be printed on a 4R ready card template and can be collected after printing on the day itself. You can save the hassle of passing your guests the photos weeks after the event. 



Special promotion: 2 hours unlimited prints starting from $550 ONLY! * T&C applies

T&C : Kids birthday parties, with crowd size less than 50

For all corporate/wedding events, please contact us for details & quote via enquiry form below.

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